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  • Domestic gold prices remain stable against global upward trend

    Mon July 08 2024


    The price of SJC-branded gold bars in the domestic market has remained stable despite the rising global gold price recorded over the past couple of weeks.


    Throughout the last week, the price of the precious metal steadied, resulting in subdued trading.


    Specifically, both DOJI Gold & Gems Group and Saigon Jewelry Company (SJC) list the buying and selling prices at VNĐ74.98 million (over US$2,951) and VNĐ76.98 million per tael, the same with those offered at the beginning of the week. A tael equals 37.5 grams or 1.2 ounces.


    Experts said efforts by the State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV) and related agencies in gold price control have proven effective, helping ease negative impacts by the global market.


    Trương Vi Tuấn, an expert from, said although the price of SJC gold bars has remained flat for 30 consecutive days, that of gold ring has seen fluctuations.


    DOJI Gold lists the buying and selling prices of Hưng Thịnh Vượng gold ring at VNĐ75.65 and VNĐ76.95 million per tael, an increase of VNĐ600,000 per tael in both buying and selling prices.


    Meanwhile, gold ring is priced at VNĐ74.6-VNĐ76.2 million, and VNĐ75.38-VNĐ76.68 million by SJC and Bảo Tín Minh Châu, respectively, up VNĐ200,000 and VNĐ300,000 per tael in buying and selling prices.


    Gold ring price is predicted to continue rising in the time to come in the context of increasing global gold prices.