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  • PGI India Unveils 7th Edition of Platinum Buyer-Seller Meet to Drive Innovation and Growth

    Mon June 17 2024


    Scheduled for July 4th and 5th, 2024, this flagship gathering will convene 16 official platinum jewellery manufacturers alongside key players in the retail jewellery sector under the PGI programme. Renowned for its emphasis on design excellence and innovation, the event serves as a premier platform for PGI partners to enhance their platinum business ventures.


    This year's edition is poised to bolster long-term demand for platinum jewellery while fostering and fortifying existing and new partnerships. Central to the event will be the unveiling of impactful marketing initiatives for PGI's flagship branded categories: Platinum Love Bands, Platinum Evara, and Men of Platinum. These initiatives aim to stimulate seasonal demand through innovative marketing strategies, expand market occasions, and facilitate effective consumer engagement.


    The Platinum Buyer-Seller Meet serves as a pivotal stage for manufacturers to showcase their latest design collections across the three branded categories. The event also promises enhanced business opportunities for retailers through product innovations and fresh concepts, reinforcing PGI's vision of nurturing consumer demand and exploring new market potentials for platinum jewellery.


    Vaishali Banerjee, Managing Director of Platinum Guild International-India, expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming event, stating, "This platform was conceived to collaborate with our partners towards the growth and expansion of platinum jewellery in India. This year's focus on innovation, both in product and marketing, underscores our commitment to positioning platinum as a preferred choice among discerning consumers. We anticipate that this exclusive gathering will further cement platinum's status as a symbol of elegance and sophistication."


    Several industry leaders also shared their expectations and readiness for the event:


    Rajesh Kalyanaraman, Executive Director of Kalyan Jewellers, highlighted the importance of contemporary designs and minimalistic narratives that resonate with their clientele. He emphasized the event's role in sourcing new designs that cater to evolving consumer preferences.


    Dipu Mehta, Managing Director of ORRA, emphasized platinum's integral role in their growth strategy and anticipated leveraging the event to explore innovative designs and forge stronger partnerships with industry manufacturers.


    Suvankar Sen, CEO & MD of Senco Gold & Diamonds, reaffirmed their commitment to meeting contemporary design demands through platinum jewellery, positioning it favorably within the younger demographic segment.


    Avinash Pahuja, Director of ORO Precious Metals Pvt Ltd, expressed excitement about the opportunity to showcase their bespoke designs and innovative capabilities in platinum jewellery at the event.


    Colin Shah, Founder & Managing Director of Kama Jewelry, underscored the event's significance in exploring new business avenues and showcasing trends influenced by younger demographics seeking sleek, elegant platinum designs.


    Madhu Jethwani Dhabuwala, CEO Jewellery, India & Middle East at Jewelex India Pvt. Ltd, highlighted their leadership in machine-made platinum jewellery and their readiness to unveil extended offerings that align with global trends and superior craftsmanship.


    Nirmal Rawal, MD of BN Jewellers, anticipated showcasing their latest portfolio, focusing on innovation in men's jewellery segments and enhancing consumer engagement with distinctive designs.


    The previous edition of the Platinum Buyer-Seller Meet in 2023 witnessed remarkable success, with manufacturers showcasing diverse and contemporary platinum jewellery collections. These collections, particularly in core categories like Platinum Love Bands, Platinum Evara, and Men's platinum jewellery, resonated strongly with evolving consumer preferences and global trends, contributing significantly to platinum jewellery sales during key festive and wedding seasons.


    As anticipation builds for the 7th edition, industry participants are gearing up to leverage this platform for strategic collaborations, innovative showcases, and reinforcing platinum's appeal as a timeless choice in luxury jewellery.